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Discovery of the month - March 2014 Discovery of the month - March 2014

This month it's Internet's twenty-fifth anniversary
The German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" publishes a very interesting article on the subject.
Click here to read.
Discovery of the month - April 2013

The yearly Journées du livre et du droit d'auteur (Days of the books and the copyright) will take place in april 2013, with a copious list of events.

Don't miss it!

Programme of the events.

Discovery of the month - March 2013

What kind of german book could interest my child?
Is it adapted to his/her age?
Where can I find ionformations?

The german site Kinderbuch-Couch presents lots of informations in a very pleasant way.

Discovery of the month - February 2013

Would you like your child to benefit from private tuition? Technolink will help you to find the right person.

How does that work?
You'll find details on our  Homework Help page.

Discovery of the month - January 2013

The German site Naturdetektive covers interesting topics of the field of nature.

It is published by the Bundesamt für Naturschutz.

Go to the site.

Discovery of the month - December 2012


The online edition of the german weekly periodical Die Zeit includes a section headed Das unterschätzte Tier ( = the underestimated animal ) .
You might discover astonishing peculiarities of animals you normally ignore. Look at the site: