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Message from Colette Mart, alderman in charge of education

Dear parents, teachers and children!

The school years are an important stage in each of our lives, which have an influence on our personal development, our thoughts, memories and our prospects in life.

The city of Luxembourg has always been aware of its responsibilities in this area and has made many efforts to support the school community, namely the parents, the teachers and the children.

It has invested in modern infrastructure, quality classroom materials, educational programmes and ongoing training, and at the same time, promotes communication between the various partners in the school community.

Modern means of communication play an ever-increasing role in our society. For this reason, the City of Luxembourg politicians wish to incorporate the intelligent use of the Internet and E-mail into the management of learning, and for the benefit of the families.

The school partners must be able to link up to the network quickly and effectively, so that they can access practical information, find out the addresses of important contacts and benefit from a clearer overview of the range of child care services and educational, cultural and sports facilities available, as well as children's recreational programmes. 

The website, developed by qualified staff and officials of the city of Luxembourg has been continuously enhanced and updated over the past few years. The website is eye-catching, colourful, informative and easily accessible. Through this site, the City wishes to provide answers to key questions asked by parents in the city of Luxembourg.

As population mobility in the city continues to increase, with around 10% of the resident population changing each year, an increasing number of parents are using this website to search for comprehensive information on the city's schools, childcare facilities (‘foyers scolaires' – day-care centres, facilities providing lunch and before-school and after-school care), nurseries, homework help and recreational opportunities. A host of useful addresses of the city's schools, foyers scolaires, nurseries, and sports and cultural facilities aimed at children can be found on

Parents also have access to a list of addresses should they require social, psychological or educational assistance for their children. The website presents a comprehensive outline of information relating to children, facilitating access for families who have recently relocated to the city.

Teachers have the opportunity to network with the various city services, they can order or borrow teaching materials or computer equipment, they can interface with each other and communicate with parents and request technical assistance in the event of problems with the computer equipment in the classrooms.

Parents can get in contact with teachers in order to obtain information about homework and written exercises.

The children themselves can find exercises on, in all school subjects, which are corrected online. These exercises are attractively presented; they are adapted to the needs of the children and can be an important aid in improving academic achievement. has made efforts to improve its information platform, and to respond even more specifically to all of the questions that the city's families may wish to pose, on the basis of lessons learned over recent years.

The website is now an excellent information and communication tool that is on an equal-footing with those developed in many other countries.


                                                          Colette Mart