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"Bleif net eleng, ruff un"

The (KJT) Kanner Youth Telefon offers children and young people the opportunity to get immediate help and support, which they do not get for whatever reason, in their immediate surroundings. The service works anonymously and confidentially. Specially trained consultants give the callers support, assist in the organization of thoughts and feelings and help to find individual solutions.

-  116111 Kanner youth phone

-  www.kjt.lu Online-Help (also available in English since 2015)

-  80002 1234 BEESECURE Helpline

Parents also have anonymous and confidential advice:

-  26 64 0 555 Elter phone

-  www.kjt.lu Online Help

To the website: www.kjt.lu

Address: KJT B.P. 35.
L-5801 Hesperange
Phone: 36 0870 23
Email: contact@kjt.lu


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