The Medical School Department


The state of health of all public school children of the City of Luxembourg is monitored regularly by the medical-school Department.

Children, parents, teachers, day-care-centres and other people in contact with the school children can take advantage of this service.  

According to the law of the 2nd December 1987 and the “règlement grand-ducal” of the 24th October 2011 the school medicine is organised and established.

The team of the medical-school department consists in medical doctors, nurses, social-hygienic workers and social workers.

The main missions of the department are:

  • Medical surveillance of the state of health of the children
  • Preventive care and health promotion
  • Protection of the rights of children


Medical surveillance of the state of health of the children:

All children of the first school cycle, all children moving new from another country to Luxembourg, and all children with special medical needs are invited to an individual medical examination in presence of their parents.

Children of the 2nd year of each other cycle (2.2, 3.2 and 4.2) are routinely examined in the medical department, accompanied by their class and teacher.

The following exams and screening-tests are accomplished:

  • An precise medical examination
  • Measurements of the weight and the height
  • Calculation of the BMI (body-mass-index)
  • Urine Screening-test
  •  Vision and hearing tests
  • Vaccination check-up

All these exams are finding place in a special constipated child welcoming ambiance.

Furthermore the department organizes medical dental check-ups for the children. These check-ups are held by external dental medical doctors.


Preventive care and health promotion:

Several workshops and activity groups with the aim of promoting health are organised and held by the staff of the medical department. Promote moving and sports activities are as essential as giving the basic understandings for a healthy eating. A special group of overweight children, named “Movin`Kids” is animated each week to do sports and to learn a new way of eating healthy. Beside this, a special rope-skipping program is organised to give children joy in moving.

Workshops like how to care about sunlight or hygienic and sexual education lessons are also offered to the children.


Protection of the rights of children:

The medical school department of the city of Luxemburg has a specialised team to solve any question of violence against children.

This team is named « cellule de conseil “enfants en détresse” » and consists in two medical doctors and two social workers in charge.

The team helps children, parents, teachers or day-care-centres every time when there is a suspicion of violence against a child. They can help in giving advice how to handle the situation, they work in close cooperation with the “Parquet de la Jeunesse” and the police to defend the rights of the children, and they have the possibility to talk to parents and provide them different kinds of help if needed.

Phone number of the « Cellule de Conseil “enfants en détresse” »:

4796-2532 or 4796-2557 and mobil: 691-982532




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